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Fixed Odds Betting Terminal roulette is a fascinating game that provides exciting action. It is played with a wheel, a small ivory ball, and a betting layout (all viewed by computer graphics on a tv screen).

The wheel turns on a spindle and is divided into 37 slots. 36 of the slots are numbered from 1 through 36, of which half are red and the other black.

There is a green slot marked 0.

Players place bets against the house on the layout. Once the total amount placed on the layout exceeds the minimum bet (£1) the ball is tossed into the wheel. When the ball comes to a rest in one of the slots the bets are settled.

Player cannot wager more than the maximum bet (£100)in any one round of the game.

Losing bets are cleared from the layout and winning bets are settled according to the following table:

Bets Placed on: (one of which wins) Odds paid
Single number 35-to-1
Any of the 12 numbers in the horizontal row 2-to-1
Split (two numbers) 17-to-1
Vertical row (three numbers) 11-to-1
Corner (four numbers) 8-to-1
Six numbers in two adjacent vertical rows 5-to-1
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Column 2-to-1
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Dozen 2-to-1
Low Half, High Half, Black, Red, Even, Odd 1-to-1

For example, if you have a winning bet of £2 on a single number (35-to-1) you will get back your original bet of £2 plus 35 times your bet of £2 which is £70.

As another example, If you have a winning bet of £100 on color Red (1-to-1) you will get back your original bet of £100 plus another £100 of winnings.

The "House Edge" on FOBT roulette is 2.7%, meaning that the bookmaker should make £2.70 from every £100 played on the machine.

Could the odds be better? Well they could be some land based Casinos offer the following rules;

The 'la partage' Rule

If you can find a table that offers a single-zero wheel and this golden rule, things couldn't get any better for roulette players.

The reason for this is that the 'la partage' rule lowers the house edge of 2.70% to a more attractive 1.35%. What happens is that if the ball lands on zero, the players only lose half of their money on outside bets. In all, you still have the same chances of winning your bet, but the amount of money you could lose is less.

The 'en prison' Rule

This is almost like getting a second chance.

If the ball lands on zero, nothing happens to your bet; it stays 'in prison' until the next time the ball is rolled.

Whatever happens then is exactly the same that would happen was the bet just placed on the table. The rule eliminates the threat of losing your bet if the ball lands on a zero. Just as with the 'la partage' rule, this one also lowers the house edge to 1.35%

Will any FOBT's offer these rules? We will wait and see..........

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