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No Deposit Casino Bonuses and Other Incredible Perks

With so many gambling destinations being available over the Internet, there is a fierce competition for customers going on between online casinos. To gain an edge over their competitors, most online casino websites provide players with highly attractive promotional offers, from enticing no deposit casino bonuses to generous refer-a-friend offerings as well as other hot incentives. Being offered so many attractive perks, how is a player to choose where to invest his gambling funds?

The answer to the above question is rather simple, look for the following list of bonuses and promos offered by the casino of your choice. And, if you do happen to find them, just dive in.

Welcome/First deposit bonuses:

A welcome bonus, otherwise referred to as a 'first-deposit' bonus, is the online casinos' most important and effective promotional tool. Its sole purpose is to attract new players to the website. The welcome bonuses are normally highly attractive with varying value at different virtual gaming destinations. In addition, the welcome bonuses are structured as match ups. For instance, when a casino offers a 100% of up to $200 Welcome bonus, it means that they will match any deposit under $200.

No deposit casino bonuses:

A no-deposit bonus is actually the most enticing bonus an online casino can ever offer. This is because there are no strings attached to it. The casino just provides you with a certain amount of free money and there is no deposit requirement. It means that you can play the casino's games on the casino's expense. Unfortunately, most Internet gaming destinations prefer to attract newcomers with other promotional offers designed to encourage them to open a gaming account and deposit money. So, upon finding a reliable online gaming resource with a no deposit casino bonus, you should certainly give it a try because there is no risk involved!

Refer a friend bonuses:

A refer-a-friend bonus will be given to a player for recruiting a friend to the casino. To receive the bonus, all you have to do is convince another person to open a gambling account at the casino. Once the additional account is opened, both the existing player and the new one, are credited with cash. This is profitable both for the casino and the players. The casino benefits because its player-base widens and the players benefit because they receive additional cash to play with. A commonly paid out refer-a-friend bonus is $50.

Special deposit method bonuses:

When a casino wants the players to fund their gaming accounts through a particular online payment service they offer a special deposit method bonus. This is probably because they have a special deal with that particular e-cash company. These bonuses usually stand at 10% or 15%. Although the actual amount of the bonus is rather marginal, if it's there, why not collect it, right?

No matter what online casino you ultimately choose to play at, always remember to check out the offered incentives, such as the no deposit casino bonus. These serve as an indication of how badly the casino wants to have you as a customer!

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