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Game Probabilities - A look at 3 card poker

3 Card Poker is played in casinos around the world including the UK and Las Vegas. It is a fast moving and interactive game based on the relative strength of your hand against Poker values.

The game offers you two betting opportunities on the three cards you are dealt, Pair Plus and conventional casino poker Ante and Play options. You can bet on these two games together or separately.

The Pair Plus game rewards you on the Poker value of your three cards irrespective of what the dealer's hand is.

Your Ante bet (and subsequent Play bet, if you choose to do so) is against the dealer's hand. In order to qualify, the dealer's hand must contain at least Queen high.

Both dealer and player receive three cards.

Pair Plus bets are rewarded on the value of the player's hand, irrespective of the dealer's cards. See below for payout schedule.

Players can also place an Ante bet against the dealer's hand. Once they have their cards, in order to play the hand against the dealer, a Play bet is placed which is equal to the initial Ante bet.

In order to qualify, the dealer must receive at least Queen high. When the dealer does qualify, then winning hands pay 1-1 on both Ante and Play bets (see below for bonuses). When the dealer does not qualify, the Ante bet is paid at 1-1, with the Play bet a push (draw).

Most of the values of traditional Poker Ladder are applicable to 3 Card Poker, although in this game a Straight beats a Flush

Common Payouts and Hand Values

Straight Flush Pair Plus 40-1 Ante Bonus 5-1

3 of a Kind Pair Plus 30-1 Ante Bonus 4-1

Straight Pair Plus 6-1 Ante Bonus 1-1

Flush Pair Plus 4-1 Ante Bonus None

Pair 1-1 Pair Plus Ante Bonus None

Three Card Poker
Possible Hands     Number of Combinations
Straight flush 48
Three of a kind 52
Straight 20
flush 1096
pair 3744
Ace high 3840
King high 3240
Queen high 2640
Jack high 2100
Ten high 1620
Nine high 1200
Eight high 840
Seven high 540
Six high 300
Five high 120
Total 22100

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