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Online Casino Software Spotlight

Welcome to the online casino software spotlight zone, here we will showcase to you three of the major online casino software providers and review each of their respective online casino games.

The online casino software providers are Real Time Gaming ( commonly referred to as RTG) Playtech and Microgaming. Below is an overview of each one, to view their casino game suite individually or to see a full review any of their games simply utilise the menus dotted around this page.

Real Time Gaming - They were founded way back in 1998, Their basic idea was to create the best Internet casino software available anywhere.

Whilst it is debatable wether they have achieved that goal, what they have manufactured is a solid, player friendly and much used casino software platform currently used by 50+ of their licensees.

They are constantly adding to their range of casino games which does appear to keep casino players more than satisfied and "coming back for more"

Real Time Gaming casino software is very quick to download ( one of the quickest on the net ) and the gameplay is also one of the fastest,
so if you like your online casino action fast and furious you will love RTG powered casinos.

One word of caution however is that as their software is very competitively priced ( ie cheaper than the others ) for licensees wishing to open an online casino they have attracted a lot of licensees who ( how can we put this delicately) will make you jump through hoops to collect your winnings.


Playtech designs, develops and deploys unified software platforms for the online gaming industry. Founded in 1999, Playtech today has over 170 employees distributed globally, around two-thirds of whom are engaged in research and development of current and future gaming technologies.

Unique among software providers, Playtech has developed a unified platform into which all its gaming activities :

Online Casino, Bingo, Poker, Fixed-Odds Games, Live Gaming and Land-Based Kiosk Networks - can be freely incorporated as stand-alone applications, accessed and funded by players through the same user account and managed by the operator by means of a single powerful management interface.

With products available in several European and Asian languages and capable of supporting multiple currencies, Playtech finds itself positioned favourably to capitalize on the growing world market for multiactivity gaming operations.

Since the company's inception, Playtech has earned broad recognition for its innovations in gaming technology and is credited with the introduction of many industry firsts: real-time game and transaction histories, VIP rating and Comp Points scoring, groundbreaking fraud and player-dealer collusion prevention tools, video streamed games featuring real human dealers, progressive games with interactive, animated bonus stages, real-time online support for players in need of assistance the list goes on.

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Microgaming powers many of the Casinos and Poker Rooms on the web and offers platforms for land-based and wireless gaming too. Microgaming has more than 250 games to choose from, along with unique branding for every Casino and Poker Room Microgaming can also offer localised play: the action is always fast and furious.

Viper is the front-end software that gives Microgaming powered casinos a real edge. The software is the result of many years experience in online gaming, along with best of breed development strategies.

The advantages include:

Personalised gaming experience for every player with Viper Auto Play

Easier, more intuitive casino navigation

Easier, quicker choice of games

Players can set their own playing strategy

All of these resulting in a richer playing experience

Along with well, established casino favourites, Viper has loads of thrilling new games players will love.

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