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An Introduction to Online Baccarat

online baccaratOn my last visit to a land casino parlour, I made it a point to visit the area of the Baccarat tables. It was for me more than slightly peculiar, because the tables were not located in the main casino table game area. There were plenty of people milling around the various tables such as Poker in its many variations, Roulette, Sic Bo, Craps, and Blackjack. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a Baccarat table to be seen. Still, the casino was buzzing with excitement as I scoured the floor for the game of my particular interest that day; Baccarat.

In Search of Baccarat

As I entered the lavish room, I saw 3 men sitting at a table at the head of the room. Glancing quickly from table to table, I noticed that some Baccarat tables were surrounded by very well-dressed patrons, and other tables had regularly dressed patrons, neat and clean but not dressed to the nines. I approached the table where the 3 supervisors were sitting, and asked their permission to walk around the room. I so badly wished to play but had not yet mustered the courage to join a table. So, I walked around the room and noticed that the patrons seemed very relaxed, even at those tables where the minimums were quite high.

My Baccarat Introduction

There was one table with a very high minimum that had no players at the table. Mmmm! I wonder why! Finally, I talked myself into joining a table at which the patrons seemed extremely comfortable. It was at this table on a Tuesday afternoon in the fall of the year that my Baccarat introduction took place.

The dealer was extremely helpful and assisted me through the entire process of the game. You see, the game looks stuffy and a might complicated, because many of the patrons who play Baccarat are dressed impressively. However, there was no arrogance that I could detect at my table, and I had a marvellous experience. So marvellous, in fact, the first thing I did the next morning was go online and search for an online baccarat site.

Within 10 minutes I’d already found plenty to choose from and selected the one that looked the most reliable; Casino Tropez. What I didn’t know at the time was that this particular online casino just happened to also be one of the best, if not THE best, gambling website on the Net. Evidently, my good luck had already begun.

Online Baccarat - It’s a Whole New Game

Naturally, being a newcomer to playing Baccarat, I was a little worried (just a little, mind you) that perhaps the online version of this classic game would differ from its land casino counterpart. But low and behold, everything was suddenly wonderfully familiar. Plus, the site provided all sorts of rules, strategies, tutorials and tips on how to play Baccarat (to my heart’s content).

So, if you’re looking for some classy fun-filled action, but not into the whole Mister Dress-Up thing, online baccarat is definitely your best bet.