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Knowing When To Let Go

The majority of the money you will let slip away in a poker game will not come from folding your big preflop, but rather from being trapped with the second best hand. "Paying off" the top hand is the reason most people lose at poker.

Because you can't know exactly what cards your opponent holds, it is obviously not possible to fold as soon as you have been beaten. In Poker, you can try to avoid having the second best hand by folding hands that may be conquered pre-flop.

If someone in early position puts in a raise, fold that AJ off-suit. Chances are he has AK,AQ, or a pocket pair of JJ or higher.

Do not keep calling with your hand because it was very strong at earlier stages. The rule says you should throw your hand the minute you know you can't win.

Know When to let go even those AA you had in the hole...

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