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Omaha Hi-Lo

Omaha Hi-lo Poker Is A Variation Of Omaha Poker. It Uses The Rules Of Omaha Poker, But Has The Following Differences:

In Omaha Hi-Lo Poker, Players are less inclined to fold on a bad hand as the highest and lowest hands split the pot equally. The Players with the best high hand and low hand split the pot. Two to eight Players can play Omaha Hi-Lo at one time. Playing Omaha Hi-Lo Poker - To play Omaha Hi-Lo Poker you must have enough credits to place a blind bet and a bet.

Omaha Hi-Lo plays as follows:
The Players to the left of the Dealer begin the game by posting blind bets. The Player on the Dealer's left posts a small blind bet, and the Player on the Small Blind's left posts a big blind bet.


The Dealer's position at the table changes after every game. The dealer-button shows the Dealer's position at the table.

Four pocket cards are dealt to each Player.

In the first round, the Player to the Big Blind's left plays first and can either:

Raise - Call - Fold V In the second round, three community cards are dealt. This is called the Flop. A round of betting follows and Players can either:

Check - Call - Raise - Fold

In the third round, a fourth community card is dealt. This is called the Turn. Another round of betting follows.

In the fourth round a fifth and final community card is dealt. This is called the River. The final round of betting follows. The remaining Players then use two of their pocket cards and three of the community cards to create the best five-card low and five-card high hand possible. The two Players with the best high and low hands, split the pot. Important: â€Â¢ Winning hands must consist of two pocket cards and three community cards. â€Â¢ Low hands can only win if all the cards in the hand have a value of eight or less. If the five community cards do not include at least three cards with a value of eight or less, there is no possibility of making a low hand. In this case, the high hand wins the whole pot.
Game Sequence
The two Players to the left of the Dealer Button place the Small and Big blinds. Players are dealt four pocket cards face-down. First betting round. Dealer turns over three community cards face-up, known as the Flop.
Second betting round. Dealer turns over another community card, known as the Turn.
Third betting round. Dealer turns over one final community card, known as the River Card.
Final betting round.

Players compare hands to determine the winner. The Players with the best high card hand and low card hand split the pot.

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Texas Hold'em Yes
Omaha Yes
Omaha Hi-Lo Yes
Tournaments Daily
New Player Offer YES
Deposit options Many
Pot Limit Games YES

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