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Card Pair Names

22 Ducks, Quackers, Barely Legal

33 Crabs

3A Baskin-Robbins (31 flavors)

44 Mid-life Crisis, Magnum, Sailboats

45 Jesse James

55 Presto, Speed Limit, Nickles

57 Chevrolet, Heinz

5T Walgreens

66 Kicks

69 Big Lick, Dinner for Two
72 Beer Hand

76 Union Oil

77 Hockey Sticks, Mullets, Sunset Strip

7T Split

88 Snowmen, Piano Keys

95 Dolly Parton

99 Get Smart, Gretzky

TT Dimes, Boxcars

J4 Flat Tire (What's a jack for?)

J5 Motown (Jackson 5)

JJ Hooks

JA Jackass

Q3 San Francisco Waiter (Queen w/ a tray)

QQ Hilton Sisters, Siegfried and Roy

K3 Seafood

K9 Fido, Canine

KJ Kojak

KQ Marriage, Mixed Marriage

KK Cowboys, Krispy Kreme, Gorillas (King Kong)

AJ Ajax

A8 Dead Mans Hand

AQ Mrs. Slick

AK Big Slick

AA Pocket Rockets, American Airlines, Bullets, Alcoholics Anonymous

Poker Information:

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