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Online Sic Bo

Online Sic Bo:

Online Sic Bo is an old Chinese gambling game, which translated means ‘pair of dice.’ The game is also often referred to as Dai Siu and Tai Sai, which means 'Big/Small.' In the Philippines, where Sic Bo is also hugely popular, the game is known as 'Hi/Lo."

Sic Bo was introduced to the United States of America by Chinese immigrants in the early part of the Twentieth Century and today the game can be seen played in most US-based land and online casinos. The game is also commonly enjoyed in Australia and South East Asia, naturally.

How to Play Online Sic Bo:

All you really need in order to play sic bo are three dice. The aim of the game is to foretell the individual numbers and/or combos of numbers which emerge on the dice following the so-called 'throw.' Possible outcomes could include single die numbers, two-of-a-kinds, three-of-a-kinds, or combinations of any two/three dice. Those combinations paying off, as well as payoff odds, are posted on a roulette-like tabletop which is typically lit up from beneath, thus highlighting the winning areas of the layout to signify winning combos.

Sic Bo Wagering:

Playing sic bo is about as easy as online casino games come. Players begin by wagering on potential outcomes, which may result from the rolling of 3 dice. After all the bettors have placed their wagers, the dice tumbler is spun and then laid upon the table. All 3-dice winning possibilities are illuminated on the layout. Winning pay-offs range from 1:1 even cash for one-of-a-kind, to 180:1 for a particular threesome.

Online sic bo contestants may place any number of gambles on the sic bo table; the most common being "Big" (the sum total of the three dice will be 11 thru 17) and "Small" (total 4-10). Other bets are on specific 3-number sums (with changing odds from 5:1 to 50:1), on certain 2-number combinations, or on single-number bets (one pays 1 to1, two pays 2 to1, three pays 3 to1; in some casino operations 3 pays as much as 12 to 1).

Variations on the game of online sic bo include 'Birdcage'' and Chuck-a-Luck’ –  which regularly feature only the single digit wagers, some times with an supplementary bet which pays off around 30 to 1 for "any triple," meaning that all three dice appearing after the throw have the identical values. It is widely believed that the name "Birdcage" is due to the fact that the instrument which rolls the dice looks a lot like a wire-framed birdcage pivoting at its center.

Virtually every gambling casino website today offers some form of online sic bo, along with guidelines on how to get the most out of playing online sic bo.