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Secure online casino

Approved PLUS casinos listed on the Online Players Association website indicate to you which are the most secure online casino sites available on the World Wide Web today. Given that there are over 2,000 gaming sites to choose from, knowing which are the most secure online casinos – and those that should be avoided at all costs – should be every players’ first and foremost concern.

In addition to meeting the same criteria as our regular Approved casinos, all Approved PLUS casinos agree to subscribe to our Payout Percentage Verification Service which obligates these operators to provide our staff with free access to a casino site’s gaming logs. With this data a casino’s true payout percentages can be confirmed and published on our website. Once a site is approved as being a highly secure online casino, a Payout Percentage Verification Certificate is issued thereby confirming a venue’s Approved PLUS status.

Cream-of-the-Crop Casinos Only!
Once an online casino achieves Approved PLUS status, players can rest assured of the fact that the newly Approved PLUS casino is indeed providing true, fair and honest games. It should be noted that only a small percentage of companies applying for Approved PLUS certification actually meet or exceed all of the necessary requirements. All Approved PLUS gambling venues are considered secure online casino websites and as such are most deserving of your patronage.

Customer Service is King
While one gambling site may be deemed a secure online casino at any given time, by the same token, this particular website’s integrity with respect to players’ privacy and security could become compromised due to any of a number of reasons, and without any prior warning.

With this possibility taken into consideration, all Approved PLUS casinos are constantly monitored in order to ensure compliance with all OPA standards. For instance, with regard to an online casino’s Customer Support department and how quickly and efficiently they respond to players’ queries, our keen staff submit questions via phone, fax, email and live chat on a regular ongoing basis. Any casino which fails to respond in both a timely and helpful manner automatically and immediately forfeits their Approved and Approved PLUS statuses.

Like you, we also abhor lousy customer service representatives, especially those that take forever to respond to our queries and when they finally do, their instructions wind up being more detrimental than helpful. Any casino hoping to earn and maintain OPA’s Approved PLUS status must not only promise to provide players with first-rate, no-nonsense customer support, but also continue to do so day in and day out.

The same policy applies with respect to depositing and withdrawing funds to and from online casinos. To ensure that those supposedly secure online casino sites continue to provide prompt and trouble-free financial transactions, our astute quality control watchdogs regularly deposit funds, play any number of casino games, and cash-out at all Approved PLUS casinos in order to determine whether or not they are delivering the level of service they said they would. Only with this ongoing testing can casino sites be accredited with Approved PLUS status.