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Best Payout Casino

How to Find the Best Payout Casino Games:

All casinos, whether they are traditional land-based venues or online casino websites, operate according to certain payout percentage rates attributed to each individual game, as well as a single average payout for all its games combined. In other words, if – for example – a casino advertises a payout rate of say 95%, then for every one hundred dollars the casino receives in bets, it pays back $95 to its players/winners.

This particular figure, 95%, though just an example, represents the total payout casino operators will shell out on the whole. Each and every casino game like slots, craps, roulette etc. has its own individual payout rate. For instance, a casino’s craps games may pay 90%, while their slots pay 95% and roulette, 98%. If these three games represented a casino’s entire repertoire, its total payout would be 94.33% (90 + 95 + 98 / 3  = 94.33).

The Greatest Payout Casino Sites:

How much a casino pays out can be determined by simply reviewing their payout table(s). With specific regard to online casinos, their rate tables are generally very easy to find. If not, it could very well be that the particular casino in question has a reason for not wanting to clue their players into how much (or how little) they pay. Our advice? If you’re having a hard time finding a gaming site’s payout table, simply contact their Customer Support department by phone email, fax, or online chat, and ask a rep how you can find out their payout figures.

Lower Overhead = Higher Payout Casino Games:

As a rule, online casinos tend to offer considerably higher payout rates than their traditional ‘brick & mortar’ counterparts. The reason being is that land-based casinos are simply burdened with much greater operating costs then those folks providing virtually the same Vega-like games over the Net. Lower labour, rent, licensing, insurance, advertising, you name it; online casino sites are clearly ahead of the game. But perhaps more important, especially for you, the player, is the fact that these savings enjoyed by the online firms as a result of reduced operating expenditures are passed on to players in the form of, you guessed it, higher payout casino games. While land casinos may offer rates as high as say 90-95%, online casino sites regularly advertise rates as high as 99.5%.

Fast Payout Casino Games:

Nobody wants to be kept waiting, especially when it comes to collecting one’s winnings. Thus it is imperative that the venue you ultimately select also be considered a “fast payout casino.”

Play with the Pros:

Equally important understands how online casinos function. Most of the games provided by today’s 2,000-plus online casino sites are actually created by independent gaming software developers. These developers – like Playtech, Microgaming and Cryptologic – just to name some of the biggies, then license their software to the actual online casinos. The payouts for each game are often set by the software developers themselves and not the casinos, thus ensuring very fair gaming practices. By playing at the casinos supported by these major software developers, gamblers are also more likely to be playing (and winning) at the highest payout casino games available on the Net.

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