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Let It Ride Poker Rules

Let It Ride Poker is not only a cinch to learn, there’s also plenty of cash to be won. So , we are going to start with let it ride poker rules and strategy , have fun !

Let It Ride Poker has become a clear favourite among the numerous variations of poker that have evolved over time. This is largely due to the fact that learning the game is a no-brainer.

The game is a type of 5-card stud poker where players compete only against the dealer (or ‘house’) and not against other players. Let It Ride Poker is played sitting around a square table, much like the ones used in other card games.

Let It Ride Poker was developed by a company in the card-shuffling business over 10 years ago. Because it is so simple to learn and creates loads of excitement, the game has been enjoying steady growth in terms of popularity.

Getting Started:

The goal in a game is to build a hand having a pair of 10s or better from the 3 hole cards and the two “community” cards. Other winning hands include straight flushes and royal flushes.

Each game of Let It Ride Poker is played with a 52-card deck and begins with three betting rounds. To commence playing each player places three equal-value bets. The dealer then deals each player three cards and places two community cards face down.

After looking at their first three cards each player has the option to take one of their three bets back or leave it in & 'let it ride'. The dealer then turns one of the two community cards over and that particular card may be applied to any hand on the table. Each player then has the option to take out another bet or to 'let it ride'. Contestants may keep their bet in or remove it the 2nd time regardless of what their first decision was. The dealer then reveals the 2nd community card and the game winners are paid-out based on hands having a pair of tens or better. Listed below are the payoffs for Let It Ride Poker:

Hand Pays
10s or better 1 to 1
Two pair 2 to 1
Three of a kind 3 to 1
Straight 5 to 1
Flush 8 to 1
Full house 11 to 1
Four of a kind 50 to 1
Straight flush 200 to 1
Royal flush 1000 to 1

What makes this game so much fun to play is that the lone player has the ability to control the game’s pace as well as the size of the bets. Because you are playing against a computer (which always has the advantage), successful players must attempt to match wits with the computer’s thinking process.

Let It Ride Poker Rules:

Along with their regular bets, players can also place nominal one-dollar wagers known as side bets. Players win an added cash prize if their first three cards have a winning combination. The odds of winning this bet are very poor.

If you’re playing poker to win, you would be wise to not only understand all of the Let It Ride Poker rules, but develop and effective strategy as well. Good luck and have fun!

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