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Online Casino Free Bonus

Those ubiquitous online casino free bonus offers, (aka Match Bonuses, Deposit Bonuses, Sign-up Bonuses etc.), are indeed excellent reasons to deposit cash and commence playing – and betting with real money – on your favourite casino games. But wait, there’s more. Aloot more!

Online Casino Free Bonuses Abound:

If you’ve been around the gambling scene for any period of time – either in land casinos, online casinos, or both – you’re already familiar with the meaning of ‘online casino comps’ and ways in which you too can capitalize on this particular form of an online casino free bonus. But when it comes to novice gamblers and online casino comps, chances range from amazing to unbelievable that two questions will immediately be asked: a) “What the hell are online casino comps?” and b) “How do I get me some of these ‘online casino comps’ – provided, of course, that online casino comps are a ‘good’ thing and I something I will actually want?”

To answer the first question, casino comps, regardless of whether they are awarded by a land-based or online casino, are basically free perks handed out to casino guests by gaming venue operators. Basically, what these operators are saying to you is, “We believe you are a very valuable person and thus deserve an online casino free bonus every now and then. In fact, we think you are so valuable, we are going to serve you unlimited free drinks so that you get so liquored up, you’ll keep gambling and gambling and gambling, until you lose. And over time, you probably will lose due to the casino’s inherent advantage. You can virtually bank on it. (Successful gamblers know when to stop playing.)

If you’re in it for the drinks – and not the jackpots – you will be way ahead of the game. But if you are wagering to make money, you might as well collect as many freebies along the way as possible, no? After all, in the end, it ALL adds up.

It’s a Free-4-All

Land-based casinos have been ‘comping’ their patrons from day one in order to keep winning them back. These Vegas-like comps range anywhere and everywhere from free drinks and food, to free flights and hotel accommodations. With so much more being added to these gambling meccas in the way of family entertainment, show tickets have also become a very common type of comp.

How to Cash-in on Your Friends

Another online casino free bonus can come in the form of a finder’s fee awarded to players for turning their buddies and colleagues onto a particular online gambling site. These programs are commonly known as ‘Refer-a-Friend’ or ‘Tell-a-Friend’ bonuses and pay anywhere from $10 to $50 for each new real-money gambler a player recruits.