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Cyber Stud Poker Guide 

Cyber Stud poker is a card game available at many online casinos. The game is played against the house represented by the dealer. This makes CyberStud a less social game than traditional poker. Many online poker lovers play CyberStud not only because it provides them with great gambling entertainment but also because of the attractive jackpots the game typically generates.

Mastering the rules of CyberStud play is an easy task as the game does not require much skill. With the luck factor being fairly high, even the most unexperienced players can make a nice profit. All an aspiring CyberStud winner must do, is become familiar with poker's basic hand ranking system.

How to play Cyber Stud poker?

The course of the game is actually very uncomplicated. Your goal is to beat the dealer's hand. The first thing you must do is place an ante (a mandatory wager designed to help build the pot). Then, you will be dealt five cards face down into your pocket, while the dealer is dealt one card face up. You must now decide what your next move will be, whether you should call or fold your hand. This decision is based on two factors: the value of your own hand as well as the value of the dealer's card. If you fold, you lose your ante, regardless to the dealer's hand value.

If you choose to call, then the dealer receives additional four cards. Both you and the dealer now each hold a five-card hand. The dealer's hand must feature at least an Ace-King combination or higher to qualify. If the dealer's hand does not qualify, you get get your wager back and also collect double your ante, regardless to the strength of your hand. If the dealer's hand does qualify, you are paid out according to the casino's payout schedule and collect double your ante.

Progressive CyberStud poker:

CyberStud poker featuring a progressive jackpot is largely played the same way as the standard game. However, there is one major difference. When playing progressive CyberStud Poker, in addition to the ante bet, you must make a jackpot bet of one dollar (or any other currency unit). The jackpot bet is meant to feed the progressive jackpot. To win the entire progressive jackpot, you must catch a royal flush. The fact that the progressive jackpot payout comes in addition to the standard payout of the ante is a great incentive to players.

We wish you Good Luck at the Cyber Stud poker tables. Make the next huge jackpot yours!

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