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Poker Odds

Texas Hold'em Probabilities "Being dealt statistics"

Although Texas Hold 'em is a game that involves a large portion of luck, skilled poker players can predict the probability of future events via calculation. Indeed, the vast majority of poker professionals oftentimes use math to determine their next move during the course of a game. This means that a good understanding of how poker odds work is the basis of successful Texas Hold 'em play. Remember, once you learn how to calculate the different poker odds properly, you are very likely to become unbeatable... Take a look at the below Texas Hold 'em probabilities:

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Probability of being dealt a pocket pair 5.9%
Probability of being dealt suited cards 23.5%
Probability of being dealt AA 0.45%
Probability of being dealt connecting cards 15.7%

Probability of hitting a three of a kind or quads at the flop when you hold a pocket pair 11.8%
Probability you will make a pair at the flop, holding two unpaired cards in the hole 32.4%
Probability of flopping a flush, holding two suited cards 0.84%
Probability of flopping a flush draw, holding two suited cards 11%

Turn - river:
Probability of hitting a flush draw (both turn/river, needing one card to hit) 35%
Probability of hitting an open-ended straight draw (i.e. 4 straight cards, need one on either end to hit on turn or river) 31.5%
Probability of hitting a gutshot draw (inside straight draw) on turn or river 16.5%
Probability of hitting a backdoor flush, holding two suited cards 4.2%
Probability of hitting a flush on the 19.1%
Probability of hitting a flush on the river 19.6%
Probability of hitting a straight on the turn 17%
Probability of hitting a straight on the river 17.4%

Winning probability between two hands:
Probability of a lower pocket pair beating a higher pocket pair 18.5%
Probability of non-suited overcards beating a lower pocket pair 45%
Probability of suited overcards beating a lower pocket pair 47.3%
Probability of a dominated hand winning (e.g. AJ vs. AK) 24%
Probability of a severely dominated hand winning that is suited (e.g. AA vs. ATs) 12.7%
Probability of an unsuited severely dominated hand winning (e.g. AA vs. ATo) 7.2%
Probability of two unsuited undercards beating two unsuited overcards (e.g. JT vs. AK) 36.7%
Probability of two suited undercards beating two unsuited overcards (e.g. JTs vs. AK) 41%
Probability of two, unsuited, non-connecting undercards beating two suited, connecting overcards (e.g. T4o vs. AKs) 32.4%

How often does a certain hole cards win:
The percentage that this hand wins Pocket cards

75% AA,
63.5% KK,
56.1% QQ,
50% JJ,
51.1% AK suited,
48.1% AK off suit,
46.5% AQ suited, 43.5% 10 10,
41.7% AJ suited,
42.4% AQ off suit

Most common winning hands:
The percentage that this hand wins the pot Poker hand

31% Two pairs,
27% Pair,
12% Three of a kind,
9% Straight,
9% Flush,
9% Full house,
2% High card,
1% Four of a kind,
1% Straight flush,
1% Royal flush

Profit expectation from pocket cards:
Profit expectation for limit $5 - $10 T.H. Pocket cards

$34.19 AA,
$24.13 KK ,
$17.36 QQ ,
$12.08 JJ ,
$11.63 AK suited,
$8.65 AK off suit ,
$8.32 AQ suited ,
$7.72 10 10,
$5.69 AJ suited,
$5.47 AQ off suit,

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