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These old systems are well known to most people although there are many who have yet to learn of them and find out how 'dangerously' costly they can be to whoever plays them. There are many variations on them and many newer systems are just these older systems in disguise.

Systems played on the Even Odds betting options Martingale: Simply double up your bet after every loss until you finally win.

Unfortunately you will manage to reach the table limit enough times to ensure that you will lose more than a few sessions which will leave you the loser overall.

Each session won will give you a win that is equal to your starting bet. So if you start with a £5 bet you will after 7 straight losses be betting £640 to win £5. If you reach the end of the road ( table limit ) at maybe £500, it is going to take you the next 100 'winning' sessions to get back to breaking even.Does that sound like a sensible system to you?

D'alembert: This simple system involves adding a unit to your last bet if you lose and removing a unit every time you win.

It's success is very dependant on there being an equal spread of the ' even odds' option you choose to play ie. 100 spins to give 50 black and 50 red.

It's very common for this not to happen and if you are UNLUCKY enough to choose the option that falls behind the other ( 40 RED - 60 black) you will find yourself in a position you will not like - LOSING.

Additionally the zero's make this system work badly against you as well. Just to sound more confusing you have to be aware of instances where although you might get 50red/50black in a session you could get a clump of red numbers at the beginning of your session and find that the rest of the session favours the black numbers which means your progression on red gets higher and higher and your resolve to carry on weakens because there is no guarantee of a turnaround.

It could be suggested then that for this system to work you probably need an even spread of the even odds bets ALL THE TIME for this system to work. ie. no long periods of favouritism for either side of the even odds bet.

Fibonacci: This system involves a progression whereby you bet the sum of the last two bets you have made - 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,etc... This comment I found elsewhere,

' Like all roulette staking systems, the Fibonacci should be used infrequently, with small stakes and for fun.

It will never make you rich, but it could turn a few idle moments at the wheel into a few more welcome £££'s.'

It is very definitely a win sometimes, lose sometimes system which you can see for yourself has you betting quite high after a few losses in a row.

Not for the faint hearted and if you are wise you will avoid this system like the plague.

Labouchere: Also known as the 'Cancelation System'. You start by writing down 3 or 4 ( or more) numbers - they can be all the same - whatever you like . 1-1-1-1 or 1-3-6-4 or 1-2-3-4.

You start by adding the two outside numbers and you bet the sum of them. If you lose you add that amount to the end of the row and if you win you strike off the two outside numbers and bet the sum of the next two outside numbers.

Your sequence is finished when have won all bets and the numbers have all been struck off. A losing sequence on 1-2-3-4 goes like this bet 1+4 lose and the sequence becomes 1-2-3-4-5 so you bet 1+5 and win and you now have 2-3-4 so you bet 2+4 for a win which leaves a bet of 3. That's the good news which unfortunately is not how it always happens.

Parlay: Of all the progressions I would consider this one the safest to play. You could have some fun with this system which involves letting your bet ride for as long as you like.

Most people end up letting it ride too long and giving it all back but at least you actually only lose the value of the initial bet.

If you do play it you should decide at what point you are going to stop 'letting it ride' - and stick with it. At least with this system you can pretend to be a 'big time' player even if you are doing it with the casino's money.

Like all progressions on the even odds bets it fails because of the Law of The Even Chances.

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