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The Big Vote

During 2004 - 2005 we have asked players of fixed odds betting terminals a range of questions, and ran online polls to gather their thoughts.

Below are the results

Would you like to see a higher maximum stake on FOBT's?

Yes 886 No 325

Would you like to see a smaller minimum stake on FOBT's?
Yes 522
No 288

Would you like to see an online version of your favourite FOBT? Yes 1293
No 118

Would some form of "loyalty" or "comp" system whereby you could claim gifts and/or cash for your game play appeal to you as a FOBT player?
The results are as follows;
Yes 719
No 361

If FOBT's offered a "real dealer" type video feed whereby you could see the dealer spin the roulette wheel, would you feel more confident about the "randomness" of the game The results are as follows;
Yes 1209
No 97

Do you feel you are getting a truly random result on FOBT's
The results are as follows;
Yes 959
No 523

The new games that have been released on FOBT's do you prefer them to the traditional roulette game?
The results are as follows;
Yes 1569
No 387

Yes 524
No 901
Sometimes 153

With the proposed introduction of "mega casinos" here in the UK would you be more likely to switch your FOBT gaming action from the bookmakers to the casinos?
Yes 869
No 442

What is the biggest cashout you have had on a FOBT?
UPTO £100 = 145
£101 - £250 = 258
£251 - £500 = 453
£501 - £1000 = 391
£1001+ = 105

Should more Casino type games be allowed on fixed odds betting terminals
Yes 866
No 136
Don't know/care 17

What is your favourite FOBT

1st Itbox 822 votes
2nd Global Draw 519 votes
Cyberview 422 votes

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