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The lure of instant cash has tempted many "ner do wells" to attempt to rip-off, scam and defraud Fixed Odds Betting Terminals up and down the country. We will now list a few of the failed attempts that have been sent in by Bookmakers and staff, who we thank for this information.


The photocopy kid

A young guy came in the bookmakers where I work and spent an hour or so merrily playing the FOBT, he then left. About 20 minutes later he reappears plays the machine for a short while then comes to the payout desk and hands over a winning ticket from one of the machines, he gets paid out and all is well. Thirty minutes or so later another guy plays the same FOBT after a short while he comes to the payout desk and presents a winning ticket, for exactly the same amount as the other guy, no big deal as this happens day in day out, although this time the ticket was a different type of paper and when I checked with the computer we had already paid out on this ticket, we explained this to the guy who promptly left the shop. It appears his mate had photocopied his winning ticket and was hoping to get paid out twice (probably more times) To all budding photocopier kids be aware the behind the counter computer logs all winning tickets both paid and unpaid.


Drilling for Gold

A bookmakers shop can be a noisy place at the best of times and as such the staff and I were blissfully unaware anything was wrong in our shop, that is until we heard the "beep", the beep (for those who don't know) is the sound made every time a door is opened on either a fruit machine or FOBT, its been rigged up by our shop owner to add a bit of extra security in the shop. We realized that it must be a false alarm as all the staff were behind the counter and the keys for the machines locked in the safe, we double checked the FOBT control computer screen and low and behold it was alerting us that there was a "door open" on one of the FOBT's we venture over to the machine in question, and sure enough there was a door loose but not open, an engineer was called and it was discovered that someone had been drilling through the locks with a cordless drill! We have now moved the machines so they are not out of view of the counter, and the boss has ordered a CCTV system, (no more sneaky cigarettes for us!)


Who is scamming who?

A COUPLE vowed to take legal action today after a bookmaker refused to hand over an “invalid” jackpot of more than £400,000. Coral bookmakers insisted Claire Dickson, 25, and her husband Brian, 39, from Gorgie, would not receive the cash pay-out. The firm claimed a cashier had accidentally loaded a computerised gambling machine in its Shandwick Place bookies with £370,000 of “dummy credits” before it made the pay-out. Coral said the mistake took place as the cashier accessed a computer linked to the game behind the shop’s counter.

But the couple today vowed to take legal action against Coral and said they already had a lawyer on the case. Mrs Dickson, who is a care worker, was presented with a “winning” ticket for £403,135.52 after gambling on the machine, FOBT, for an hour. And although the branch manageress initially confirmed the win, Coral backtracked after it said an internal investigation had exposed “irregularities”. A spokesman said today: “Coral has carried out a full investigation on the machine the customer was playing and we know that it was mistakenly loaded with a large amount of credit. “We can tell from a full transaction history that somewhere in the region of £370,000 was put on to the machine by a cashier using a computer system behind the counter. Subsequently Mrs Dickson was gambling with money which was not hers and the claim for over £400,000 is invalid.

“We have made attempts to sit down with the customer and talk her through what happened, but we have been told we will be issued with a letter from their adviser instead.” The Dicksons said their dream “win” had turned into a nightmare of sleepless nights and worry.

Mr Dickson said: “We are very angry with Coral and now have a leading lawyer on the case who has set the ball rolling. We are quite confident we can win.” The itbox allowed Mrs Dickson to access seven games all with cash prizes. These included a virtual horse racing game and roulette. However, it was while playing a “Hi Lo Cards” game - which follows similar rules to the Play Your Cards Right TV gameshow hosted by Bruce Forsyth - that Mrs Dickson was presented with the winning ticket for £403,135.52.

A crowd of about 15 punters witnessed the events at the city centre bookies. And Coral staff even told the couple to go for a celebratory drink while the formalities were dealt with.

On their return, however, the Dicksons said they had a phone conversation with Coral’s area manager who suggested the win was not valid after all. Coral began a detailed investigation and have produced a detailed transaction history from the machine which is said to show exactly what happened.

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