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Playtech Blackjack

Playtech standard blackjack game is a played using six decks

Playtech also offer a multihand game which allows you to play upto one, two or three hands in each game. The software has an easy to master navigation area allowing you to easily select your preferred game from those offered.

If you get the urge to play with fellow online players you can join a multiplayer game, if however you have friends or family dotted across the globe and feel the urge to play with them you could always opt for a private group room, you can select who you allow to join your table, which is always handy as no one like the village idiot sitting next to them whilst playing!

Now should you nip to the kitchen or bathroom whilst playing the software will pick up this in-activity and will display a 15 second timer should you have not returned and played during this countdown your hand will "stand" or you will "miss a turn" until you reappear, if disaster should strike and you lose your internet connection you will be removed from the table thus allowing all other players to continue playing normally

The playing area is attractively laid out and all the usual blackjack command buttons are easily accessible, you can, should you be in a multiplayer game opt to utilize the chat box to interact with your fellow players or should you wish to review games already played simply click the game history button, should you need help or the cashier these options too are only a click away.

Playtech blackjack games all come with shortcut keys allowing you to use you keyboard to control the game should your mouse need a rest!

Playtech Blackjack Rules

Now as you should know the object of Blackjack is for the total of your dealt cards to be closer to twenty one than the dealer's cards, without exceeding 21.

As usual in the game Blackjack, aces can count as either 1 or 11, face/picture cards as 10, and number cards as their respective face value.

If you receive an ace and a ten-value card as your first two cards, you have Blackjack and win one and a half times your bet (if you bet was $10, you receive $25). If the total value of your cards is closer to 21 than the dealer's, you win as much as you had wagered (if your bet was $10, you receive $20). If the total of your cards is more than 21, you “bust” and lose your bet. If you and the dealer have the same card total (17 and up) neither of you win and your bet is returned to you in a “push”. Blackjack beats a score of 21.

Playtech Blackjack follows the standard “Las Vegas Strip” rules, but with the following exceptions:

After each round, used cards are returned to the deck and the deck is shuffled.

You may not split a split hand.

You can double after splitting.

The dealer does not check for Blackjack in any case.

If the player doubles and the dealer's first card is of value 11 (ACE), and the dealer gets blackjack, the player loses both his bets. Splitting

If your first two cards have the same point value, you may split them into two separate hands by placing a second bet equal to the original bet. You then proceed to draw cards. You may draw as many cards as you like on each split hand, but if you split two aces, you receive only one additional card for each ace. If you receive an ace and a ten-value card in a split hand, it is counted as 21 and not Blackjack.


After you are dealt two cards, and think that another card will allow you to beat the dealer's hand, you can increase your bet by an amount up to your original bet or “double” your bet. Your wager is doubled, and you are allowed to receive one more card.

Taking Blackjack Insurance

Insurance is considered to be a game of its own within Blackjack. If the dealer has as Ace as his up card, you'll be given a chance to buy insurance. When you buy insurance, you're betting that the dealer has a blackjack. It allows you to try and protect yourself when you think that the dealer may have Blackjack. When buying insurance, you place half of your initial bet by pressing the Insurance button. If the dealer does have Blackjack, you are paid 2 to 1 on your insurance bet. If the dealer doesn't have Blackjack, you lose your insurance bet.

10 Card Charlie

It is theoretically possible for the player to draw 10 cards without going bust. In this case the player's hand automatically wins, except when the dealer has Blackjack.

Winnings Pays

Winning Hand 1 to 1
Insurance 2 to 1
Blackjack 3 to 2

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